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The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel: #Robinpedia



The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel is the longest continually licensed hotel in Sydney and the oldest pub brewery in Australia. Given that writers have a tendency to enjoy a tipple from time to time, and ensure they can get it reliably, The Lord Nelson has become popular in the Sydney writing world. Let’s face it, writers are an emotional type and they don’t want to head off to drown their sorrows over their latest rejection at their favourite watering hole only to find that it has closed. That kind of compounded disappointment is too much for our delicate selves to handle so we like to know we have guaranteed service. Given The Lord Nelso’s long history writers have come to count on their licensing and service of, what I term, “writers’ juice.”

Now of course not all writers drink “writers’ juice” but it is a long held stereotype that many like to engage with even if not consuming the “juice” itself. Irish writer James Joyce was said to have drunk so much that his tears were made of whiskey. American writer Ernest Hemingway famously said, “Write drunk, edit sober.” Not to be outdone modern Australian writers such as Alan Baxter have added their own words of wisdom about “writers’ juice.”


Think of The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel as the Sydney equivalent of The Eagle and Child in Oxford, or White Horse Tavern in New York or El Floridita in Cuba, but without the well known hype and walking tours. I mean, there are tours for historical reasons but people aren’t coming internationally for literary pilgrimages… yet.

The Lord Nelson is quite popular amongst Sydney writers, and writers visiting Sydney, who wish to take a more traditional approach rather than “modern” cafĂ© writing. Equally popular amongst writers for “work drinks” with fellow writers, crying over rejection, celebrating acceptance, and for solo writing. And yes, they sell pints

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