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All I Want for Christmas is BOOKS


It’s that time of the year again, the time when I write out the perfect gift suggestions for Christmas, guaranteed to please even the fussiest gift receiver. You’re welcome.

Let’s start with the kids in our lives.

Want a great picture book? You can’t reall go past My Dog Bigsy by Alison Lester. It’s an adorable book about a cheeky dog that causes quite the commotion amongst other animals. Buy it here.


Looking for something for the sporty 7-10 year old in your life? Try Kicking Goals with Goodesy and Magic by Anita Heiss, Adam Goodes and Michael O’Loughlin. A lovely book about friendship. Buy it here.

Do you have an 8-12 year old who loves action and adventure and also has a love of maps? Al Tait has what you want and plenty of it in her Mapmaker Chronicles. It’s been described as the best thing since Deltora QuestBuy it here.

Do you have an 6-9 year old that loves action and adventure but want unicorns instead of maps? Search no further than Kate Forsyth’s Impossible Quest series. So many beautiful nods to classic fantasy, your kids will be sure to love it. Buy it here.


Wendy Orr’s Dragonfly Song is also a great choice. And just quietly, I’m pretty sure it based around the same ritual that the minotaur myth was derived from. Give it a read. Fascinating stuff. Buy it here. http://www.booktopia.com.au/the-dragonfly-song-wendy-orr/prod9781760290023.html


Looking for something for 12+? Try Fleur Ferris’s Risk. It’s an eerie book about what lurks online. Buy it here.


This year, why not go on a crime-spree for the adults in your life?


Harry’s World by A.B. Patterson. Rough cop, gritty issues, sexy sexing and beautiful writing. Buy it here.


Love crime but the person you’re wanting to buy for is ice-cold? Go get L.A. Larkin’s Devour. It’s the hotest thing in Antarctic Noir. Buy it here.


Emma Viskic’s Resurrection Bay won all of the crime awards. All of them. It’s a book that truly lives up to the hype. No spoilers, just buy it here.


The Promise Seed by Cass Moriarty is a beautiful story about cross generational friendships and the ties that bind. Buy it here.


How about books that explore mental illness?


Anna Spargo-Ryan’s debut The Paper House has taken Australia by storm. A beautifully literary book about living with mental illness and grief. It is contemporary Australian fiction. Buy it here.


I also hear that Confessions of a Mad Mooer is awesome. Forget all other suggestions, this book is the perfect Christmas gift for young and old. It’s my memoir, whoops I mean, it’s the author’s memoir about their month long stint in a psychiatric hospital with postnatal depression. A must read for any PND sufferers, and for any of their friends or family. Also great for any writers struggling with mental illness. It does have swearing. It’s nonfiction. Get it here.


You want to give the gift of laughter instead of crime or madness? 


Try Our Tiny Useless Hearts by Toni Jordan. Fresh, funny, a great read with lots of depth along with the laughter. Buy it here.


We’re all Going to Die by Leah Kaminsky… okay, I know the title sounds a bit morbid, and it is about death, but I promise that it’s actually uplifting. It even says it’s a “joyful book about death.” Buy it here.


Feel like you want something more historical to give? 


Try Ben Pobjie’s Error Australis a humorous recap of Australian history. Buy it here.

Mary’s Australia by Pamela Freeman is a fascinating read about life in the times of our very own Saint, Mary MacKillop. Buy it here.


Or you can get Girt by David Hunt. It is a totally unauthorised history of Australia. Buy it here.


I hope that I have helped make things a little bit easier for you…. Now go buy my book!


Don’t forget to check last year’s book recommendations, they’re still excellent choices. So get on it and buy, buy, buy!

Emma Viskic: #Robinpedia



Emma Viskic is a critically acclaimed writer, and a concert clarinetist. Not only did her debut novel, Resurrection Bay published through Echo Publishing, win the Ned Kelly Award for Best Debut and 3 Davitt AwardsBest Adult Novel, Best Debut and Readers’ Choice, her shorts winning the Ned Kelly S. D. Harvey Award and the New England Thunderbolt Award, but she has also performed with the likes of Jose Carreras. Her latest novel And Fire Came Down is currently getting ready to win all the awards.

Despite being so sickeningly talented she is well regarded by fellow authors and is an advocate of mentoring and supporting other writers. Emma Viskic used the mentoring services of Janette Currie, through the WoMentoring Project started by Kerry Hudson, for the final draft of Resurrection Bay. She has described the experience as eye opening.

Emma’s sheer array of skills have led to much speculation about her birth and whether or not she is indeed human. The most popular theory being that she was born on a pirate ship with a tail like a Xenomorph. This is possibly simply confusion over the fact that she was born with a tale about *alien pirates* to tell.

Rumours of her hatred of mangoes, however, are quite true. Not only does she not like mangoes but she refuses to use any words the rhyme with mango. Do not ask her to tango, I repeat, DO NOT ASK HER TO TANGO.

You can find Emma Viskic’s website here.

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