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#bookclubABC Drinking Game, 7 June 2015 – Kids, Don’t Try This At Home!


@thebookclubABC just got real, yo. With guests like @Alancumming and @HelenJMacdonald exploring Mario Vargas Llosa’s jauntily burlesque, The Discreet Hero, and Enid ‘I like lashings of (ginger) beer’ Blyton’s Five on Treasure Island, you know that you’re in for a rollicking good time, so let’s liven things up with a retro fabulous idea‚Ķ the time honoured drinking game. Enjoy… responsibly and only if you’re 18+ (21+ in some countries).




Sip when:

  • the words froth, frothy, frothing, or frothiness are said.
  • the words sex, sexy, sexing, or sexiness are said.
  • the word translation, translate, translating or translator are said.


Drink when:

  • Kim Kardashian’s book is mentioned.
  • you discover a new skill that Alan Cumming’s has.
  • someone talks over the top of Helen MacDonald.


Chug when:


Finish the bottle when:

  • the episode turns into a children’s adventure show.
  • you start thinking of Star Trek.
  • nobody else is watching.