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Book Review: Under Siege by Belinda Neil



This memoir was gritty,  haunting, disturbing and made me cry in places but that’s exactly what it needed to be. In her line of work as a police officer Belinda Neil has been witness to horrific crimes. She wasn’t even spared of horror on the first day on the job. As someone who has family and friends who are on the Force this gave me a whole new level of respect for them. I always knew it was a tough job with horrible sites to witness but this book took me a step closer to just how mentally tough our police force has to be. I’m glad it only took me a step closer and that I will never have to fully feel the unspeakable horror of seeing a triple homicide. And I’m grateful for our men and women in Blue who are assaulted with this daily so that I can live a safer life.

On a personal note I found it quite interesting how after child birth her symptoms became over powering. Through my own dealings with PND, the psychiatric hospital, group therapy and managing my Facebook for mentally complex women ( https://facebook.com/groups/563402577109194 ) I have found that past trauma always comes flooding back after child birth and that PND does not happen in a vacuum. Although Belinda Neil has PTSD I believe that women with PND would get a lot out of this book.

Reading this book reminded me of Walter Mason’s “Inspirational Conversation” ( http://www.waltermason.com/?m=1 )  with P.M. Newton ( http://www.pmnewton.com/?m=1 )  at Ultimo library. She had said that she needed to to go on a journey of self discovery after the darkness of serving on the Force and now she writes Crime novels. I hope that Belinda can similarly find solace in writing,  although I know writing her own memoir was harrowing rather than cathartic perhaps fiction will give her the release she deserves.

Find out more about Belinda Neil here http://www.belindaneil.com.au/

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