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The Immortal Trace of Eventide – It begins



Cassinder danced with her eyes closed in the middle of the crowded club as if alone. She belonged to the music and gyrated her body along to the music as if they were involved in an intimate relationship. Light enveloped her in a strobe, highlighting a golden strand of hair here, her long luscious eyelashes there, soft pink lips teamed with creamy white skin. The music faded from one song into another and she opened her eyes softly as if awoken from a dream. Then she saw him.


She convulsed as if electrocuted, her blonde curls flung out from her face as if in shock, and she clutched at her heart.

‘Are you alright?’ Prandanya, her best friend asked her. ‘You look like you’re having a heart attack.’

‘That boom, that explosion? Didn’t you feel it,’ Cassinder asked.

Prandanya raised a sharp black eyebrow and pursed almond coloured lips highlighted in gold frosting. Totally edible.

‘I didn’t hear anything.’

‘I was dancing, and then I saw this boy and then something went off,’ Cassinder looked pleadingly at her friend. ‘You have to believe me, I’m not crazy.’

‘What boy?’ Prandanya asked.

Cassinder stood on tiptoes and looked around the club scanning. She could see nothing until something flashed in the corner of her eye like a sapphire. Cassinder turned her head and there he was. Tall, strong, skin the colour of sun baked olives, and dark hair that fell in waves to his shoulders. Prandanya seeing Cassinder pause craned her head to see what she was seeing.

‘Boom indeed,’ Pranyada said. ‘I think my ovaries just exploded. That’s one A grade hottie right there.’

‘It’s not my loins,’ Cassinder responded hotly. ‘There was a boom. There’s something different about him.’

‘Well you better work it out quick. He’s making his way over here now.’

Cassinder’s perfect rosebud of a mouth formed a perfect O of surprise as the tall, dark handsome stranger sauntered his way over. To her even greater surprise he did not stop when he got to her. He simply grabbed her by the arm and swept her up along with her.

‘You felt it didn’t you?’ He demanded of her as he pushed them through the crowds. ‘You felt what I did.’

‘What you did?’ Cassinder stammered in her confusion and would have tripped over if it was not for the handsome stranger’s firm grip on her arm.

‘Don’t play innocent. You’re sweet face doesn’t fool me. I saw you convulse when I let it out.’ He was not even looking at her, his eyes were focused on a dimly lit exit sign.

‘I felt something. A boom. I don’t know what from,’ Cassinder apologised not really knowing what she was apologising for.

He grabbed her and pulled her to him, his face a mere inch from hers just as they reached the sketchy door.

‘I don’t believe you,’ he hissed

Boom. They were through the door and out into a cold dark alley. Cassinder immediately regretted her choice of her cream coloured slip dress and no undergarments for the evening. Her skin stood on end in goose pimples and her nipples were on point as if to guard against the cold.

‘Who are you!’ The demand came with such rage that Cassinder faltered backwards and fell over.

‘I’m Cassinder,’ she stammered. ‘I’m nobody. Why are you mad at me.’

‘Because you felt it. Noody should be able to feel it. Nobody human.’

‘What?’ Cassinder’s head was reeling, perhaps from the drink, perhaps from her rapid exit, perhaps from the sudden cold, but most likely because of the strangeness of this whole interaction.


The dingy little door flew open and there was Prandanya.

‘What the heck is going on here?’ She demanded, hands pressed firmly on her hips.

The stranger looked at her and immediately sprang upwards, making his way for the roof top and was gone.

‘Wait,’ Cassinder wailed, getting to her feet. ‘I don’t even know your name.’

Prandanya hurried over to her and began fussing over her.

‘Are you okay? Did he hurt you?’

Cassinder pushed her away.

‘I’m fine. I’m fine. I just want to go home.’

‘Okay. Let’s go hail a cab,’ Prandanya responded.

As they walked towards the safety of a main street, Cassinder stopped short.

‘Damn! That guy stole my purse. His whole weirdness was just an act so that he could steal from me.’

‘Men,’ Prandanya shook her head. ‘Always just in to get what they can and then off. Don’t worry honey. The cab will be my treat. I think you’ve earned it tonight.

Juniper Part 1


Juniper sat on the bower of his willow tree staring at the leaf scattered ground below. He was hiding away hoping that the human voices he could hear, intruding into his enchanted woods, would not come near him.


A twig broke under Juniper’s fair willow tree; he glanced towards the noise and saw two humans walking directly underneath his tree. He huddled his furry legs into his chest and shrank back into his tree. The woodland creature did not want to be seen. It wasn’t typical of the fey folk to want to totally avoid humans, in fact many delighted in granting wishes and giving gold coins when the occasion arose, but Juniper had a problematic past. You see, whenever Juniper was seen by a human he had to take them of a timely tour of the Fey Kingdom, rather than merely grant a quick wish, and then introduce them to their queen. Sure in his younger days he had wanted to do his feyly duties and take stray humans on tours but that had all stopped with the very first, and last, human he had encountered. It had been an unmitigated disaster that had nearly resulted in a massive war across the fey world. Thirty years had passed yet Juniper still shuddered at the memory.

“Look Mummy.” A child’s voice called out. “A fairy.”

Juniper froze in panic and peaked through the leaves to see a finger pointing towards him. His panic thawed into hot rage. He wasn’t a stupid ruddy fairy. He was a woodland nymph. A goat nymph at that, not a silly, pansy fairy. He had furry legs with hoofs, not wings with sparkles.


Oh, there were fairies. A group of floating flower fairies flittered over towards the humans. Relief. Juniper no longer had to worry, it had been the fairies that the little girl had seen, not him. She would get garlands of fairy flowers more delightful than anything found in the human world, rather than muck up his nice quiet life.

“Oh no!” The older human said, protectively grabbing the girl. “Not fey folk, not again. You get away from us.”

She started swatting madly at the fairies in an attempt to drive them away. Unfortunately this had quite the opposite effect than desired. You see fairies are a gossipy, curious creature and the hubbub drew more out to watch the spectacle. Some had binoculars to view better and some even ate popcorn. The woman continued to shriek and swat. Most people loved fairies. They delighted and danced in their presence. This was odd. Juniper couldn’t help but sense something familiar about this woman. He edged further along his branch until he was right on the tip and stared hard. Oh dear. It was her. It was his human. It was the little girl who had gotten him into all that trouble. Well, not so little anymore. He should have run away, he should have left things alone but he couldn’t help but feel a surge of protectiveness. This was his human. They’d been to hell and back together. She belonged to him, not them. And besides, fairies are really so very annoying. Before he even knew what he was doing, Juniper was rushing out of the tree towards his human.