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An Ode to Vaguebooking: Arguments That Never Happen in the Spec Fic World


An Ode to Vaguebooking: Arguments That Never Happen in the Spec Fic World


Dear Fellow Writers,

Recently there was a vague Facebook status on a popular page (a vaguebook if you will), that indicated that writers are not allowed to write about the same topics as each other, especially not if they are friends. The status publicly shamed people who wrote about the same topic as the poster and anyone who dared to say that it isn’t cool to try to publicly humiliate those who write about the same topic as you merely for writing in the same field were called bullies. Ironic. So let’s see how this would play out if it is in fact appropriate to bags topics and deny your friends and others the right to write about the same issues as you… as we all know about six degrees of separation we can’t just leave it to divide topics amongst those nearest and dearest because they’ll somehow be connected to the big players. So let’s see what this would look like on a large scale. Let’s look at the celebrated writers.

I personally would need to throw out a bunch of work because I recently read a wonderful book by internationally acclaimed Kate Forsyth where she recasts an old tale (The Beast’s Garden) so that means I would have to scrap the “Asylum” series that even Garth Nix himself felt had merit (oh yes, that’s a shameless brag, shameless and proud – I did a course with him and he read my first chapter). I really quite liked it… shit, better throw out Snake Song whilst I’m at it. An established writer has already done this kind of thing so I’d just be a “random” or a pretender and never as good, that’s what the vaguebook post stated. I apparently would totally deserve a public dismissal if I ever tried… But then again, Margo Lanagan writes retellings of old folk lore, Tender Morsels, READ IT, it is brilliant. And I’ve heard that Kate Forsyth and Margo Lanagan are friends so I guess Dr Forsyth would have to pull all those books from shelves… but oh wait, Juliet Marillier wrote Daughter of the Forest, one of the best spec fic books of all time in my humble opinion. Does this mean Lanagan and Forsyth would both have to pull work from publication? My brain is about to seep out of my ears now that I think of Sophie Masson. They all breathe fresh life into old tales. And I’m pretty sure they’re all friends. (This assumption is based on hearing them speak at festivals and avidly following them on social media.) I’m pretty sure they all recommend each others books too. Oh my brain.

It’s pretty clear in the Spec Fic world that nobody owns a topic or sub genre or issue or whatever. There is enough unique voice in each and every one of us that we can write about the same things without it being a threat to anyone else because we will all do it our own way.

Thank you Australian Speculative Fiction Women Writers for showing the true spirit of writing comradeship. You are an inspiration to me daily and you do the whole writing community  proud. I’m thankful for your generous spirit towards up and coming, and established authors alike. May we all be more like you and raise more people like you too.

My heart is bursting with Speculative Fiction pride at the moment but…

I’d like to note this same kind of comradary is seen in other genres. To give just one example, both Lisa Heidke and Anita Heiss write fabulous “Chick Lit” novels and are best friends. At least from my cyber stalking they seem to be. And both encourage upcoming writers beautifully.

In the blogasphere there is Kerri Sackville  (also an author) and Lana   Hirschowitz that come readily to mind. They are constantly referencing each other on their pages and even sharing some of the same stuff. They are always encouraging of people commenting and participating. So this encouragement in writers isn’t just in the novel world. It is on Facebook, on Twitter and on Blogs.

Writers by and large are awesome and generous. Don’t let anyone vaguebook you into thinking otherwise.

If you are unfamiliar with any of these women please search them out and follow their pages/blogs/tweets/books. Support those who support others.

What Happens in Book Club… reviews are coming in


WHIBCE3Hooray. I’m starting to get some reviews for What Happens in Book Club… and they’re fabulous. I am so excited that I am just going to have to share them with you. And please, if you love my book give it a review. It’s up on GoodReads as well. Love to hear your thoughts… and of course download What Happens in Book Club 2!!! I’m really excited about bringing out parts 3 and 4 next month.

A funny tongue in cheek read

on July 20, 2015
Laugh out loud read. Gwyn is a teacher who belongs to a book club that discusses books and drinks wine sometimes more wine than discussion. Until one meeting when it comes to a stuttering standstill with shell shocked women after reading 50 Shades. It’s after most of the club leaves that the fun begins when Gwyn admits quietly to her friends that the book was quite a turn on. Her one friend who was 50 shades of wine, exploded loudly with her response to everything in the conversation “Get her a vibrator!” I was laughing so hard. Gwyn’s sexual misadventures turn into fodder for her friends. This author takes the meaning of tongue in cheek to a whole new level. I hope for Gwyn’s sake that she meets up with the silver fox again. He was too hot to handle! sigh…

on July 19, 2015
I really enjoyed What Happens in Book Club… Robin Elizabeth’s sharp wit as she tells of heroine Gwyn’s unlucky love life is hilarious, and that mixed with the fact that Gwyn’s men seem to resemble the leading men from her book club’s monthly read is just too funny. After reading Fifty Shades of Grey the book club decides some classics might be order, a year of them, and in Episode 1 of What Happens in Book Club…, they begin with Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre. Who hasn’t wanted to see what it would be like to find your Mr Bingley? Or your Mr Rochester? Gwyn does, with hilarious results! And I loved the funny dialogue between Gwyn and her friends Mac and Selene. But who does Gwyn really want – the mysterious man from the very beginning of the book, the sexy silver fox who lingered at the bar after they discussed Fifty Shades of Grey, the man Gwyn calls Mr Grey. I can’t wait to read who Gwyn hooks up with next in Episode 2. Downloading now!

Fantastically fun, compact read. You can probably knock it over on your morning commute and chuckle about it all day; Then complete with episode 2 on your way home. Can’t wait until the author starts doing audio editions too.

How to Cause a Storm in a Suck Cup




Today on Facebook, Mia Freedman posted a picture of herself wearing some seriously enormous panties with the caption, “You know you’re not on holidays anymore when you’re wearing your fat-sucking undies.”


We've all been there.

We’ve all been there.

Some decaying, vain, creature asked which brands worked best, okay it was me – please feel free to post suggestions in the comments, many complimented her on keeping it real, and then there were the sayers of nay. How dare this woman promote being happy with yourself yet wear gut suckers from time to time? How dare she be skinnier than some people and wear control tops? The nerve! Even comments about how she was supposed to be smart so should know better. Because a big beautiful brain, being slimmer than some other people, and possessing a belief that you should be kind to yourself apparently means that you are free from any kind of insecurity.


It really made me think. Mainly because prior to three kids I was a size 6, but now I’m a size 8. People probably look at me and think, skinny bitch, where as I look at myself and go, ‘Fuck I’m fat.’ Now I’m not an actress, or a model, I’m not paid squillions of dollars for my appearance, so I don’t have that burning, monetary/career motivation to get myself back into shape. I still want to, and yes, after three kids, I still can get back into shape. Admittedly the last two were twins born through emergency c-section so that does complicate matters, but they are a year old now so really, enough is enough when it comes to excuses. Three weeks after my daughter I was into all of my old clothes, including the skinny jeans, and three months later I had the ab definition back. Sure add some time for twins and some time for the big C rather than the big V, but let’s be honest, I’m ‘fat’ because of me at this point not the babies. (And yes it is a pet peeve of mine when people BLAME their children for weight gain, career loss, etc. Kids don’t need that kind of guilt thrust on them.) And yes, there are other people out there larger than me, but that doesn’t make me feel less fat, just as me being slimmer than them probably doesn’t make them feel any fatter or slimmer. Because our body image is to do with the messages we tell ourselves in our heads, not what other people drive down our throats.


So when I saw people tearing down Ms Freedman I was slightly appalled. She’s a journalist, sure a high profile one that does TV spots, but by and large she gets to hide behind her computer in yoga pants using her brain not her appearance to get her point across. Today she had to shoot a commercial, so today she wore some gut suckers. If I had to shoot a commercial I bet I’d be wearing gut suckers, thigh suckers, push up bra, a whole heap of makeup and enough hairspray to kill a small planet. None of these things do I wear on a daily basis but I would feel the need for a public appearance. Well I assume I would, I have never shot a commercial, or TV spot. And guess what, I’d admit to it too. Why? Because I’m real and it’d be honest to let people know that I’d put my best gut forward. So to Ms Freedman, I applaud you. Thanks for showing us that everyone has issues and everyone gussies themselves up. That those perfect images and as perfect as we think and that it’s okay to want to look your best. And that wanting to look your best doesn’t mean that you suddenly don’t want people to be happy with themselves, and that it doesn’t mean that you think everyone has to do it, that are emotions about ourselves run far deeper than our thoughts about others.


So I’m off to do some Yoga, and when I go out to lunch with my girlies on Saturday I shall wear my gut suckers with pride. And if my girlies wear them too, then fine, if they don’t, that’s fine too. Lipstick, sparkly shoes, push up bras, perfume, or absolutely nothing. I don’t care, wear what you want to wear to make you feel good!

Facebook Flower Fantasy

Facebook Flower Fantasy


At the moment Facebook is having a little floral infusion to lift our spirits. Basically someone posts a pic of a flower captioned “My intention is to fill  up Facebook with flowers to break the saturation of negative images. If you Like my post, I will choose a flower for you.” and if you like it you get PMed this message “🌸 Find an image and post it to Facebook with the message: My intention is to fill  up Facebook with flowers to break the saturation of negative images. If you Like my post, I will choose a flower for you.The flower I give you is [insert flower type here].🌸” Essentially it’s chain mail, or Facebook herpes as I like to call it. Generally Facebook chain mail insists you pass on the message or you hate children/love Satan/will get cancer/your feet will drop off. I tend to ignore those ones because I don’t like people trying to control my behaviour through bullying. The flower chain I quite like. It’s pretty, it’s uplifting and it doesn’t threaten you if you don’t do it. So I’ll share some flowers I chose for friends and then I’m going to list some flowers for people from my past. People who I’ve lost contact with but remember fondly.

I gave the playful Viola to Cinta who introduced me to the flower game.


You didn't have to give the person a pic of a flower or meme it but I'm a bit addicted to Imgflip.com

Cinta did me the great honour of choosing the lotus for me.


I chose the bluebell for Lesley as she is like a little piece of magic to me.


For Miss Luci I chose the mindful Begonia.


For Chloe I chose the unique amaryllis.


For Caroline I chose the refreshing orange blossom.


For Ruthy I chose the zephyr,  a flower for the joy of anticipation.


For Mara who writes about angels I gave the angelica flower.

For Mary who epitomises survive and thrive, the marigold.

For Tommy, my very special teaching friend who taught me how to kick a ball properly and how to really enjoy a kebab I would choose the joyful apple blossom.


For Dougy who stood by me through my darkest hours I would give the flower of camaraderie,  the Geranium.


And for Maureen who was always so kind and generous and always thought the best of me, a true Queen in this world, I would give the Periwinkle. A flower that is all about the freedom to be yourself and how that freedom allows others to be free also. I have never felt as comfortable and as accepted as I did in your presence. Much love.


Hope these flowers brought you all some joy.


Confessions of a Mad Mooer: the threenager strikes back



I just want to go cry in a corner, in the dark, until I spew.

So it turns out that the terrible two’s are merely a warm up act to threenagehood. The threenage years are when your cute little button alternates between being the sweetest little monkey in the world and being a monkey with full blown rabies. Possibly some sort of super mutated strand that even Science Fiction writers haven’t imagined yet. Anything and everything is a potential crisis situation.
“I want chocolate.”
“We don’t have any chocolate.”
“Give me chocolate right now!”
“Honestly Angel Cake we don’t have any.”
High pitched squealing where you are worried the neighbours will call DOCS followed by hysterical crying until they throw up followed by you regretting your no chocolate in the house stance. And then it’s breakfast time…

Prior to this transition I’d never heard of the term “Threenager” and to be honest I hope it passes soon. Most of the time she’s the sweetest little angel on Earth but these extreme terrorist attacks are exhausting. After the threenager stage is over it better be smooth sailing until the teenage years. If there is some kind of “Fournado” I will seriously have to consider becoming a high functioning alcoholic.

Ugh. As always any fellow Mad Cows are welcome to join my group if because you’re a little crae crae and you have a fanwah then it’s the place for you. https://facebook.com/groups/563402577109194