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Book Review by Miss 3: Daddy’s Cheeky Monkey – Andrew Daddo and Emma Quay


My daughter has noticed me writing book reviews and so has decided that she too would like to do some reviewing.  So I am dutifully typing up what she has to say on the matter. The first book she has chosen is Daddy’s Cheeky Monkey by Andrew Daddo and Emma Quay,  published by ABC Books.


I like this book. It is about me and Daddy. Daddy calls me a monkey, actually I’m a cheeky monkey. Daddy has three cheeky monkeys. I like this picture Mummy, it looks like the baby has a tail and monkeys have tails. It’s not a tail, it is a strap for the chair but it looks like a tail. Look Mummy, Mummy look, it looks like a tail. Look at the tail right now! And it has poo in it. POO! Mucky Moo!

… Disolves into giggles so I assume the review is over…