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Out There: Kerri Sackville Book Launch


In an act of pure genius Kerri Sackville held her Sydney launch of Out There, hosted by Better Read Than Dead, in a bar. Leadbelly in Newtown to be precise. A book on dating in your 40s is obviously best accompanied by wine and plenty of it so this really was the perfect pairing. The place was packed. All seats gone, all tables gone and the bar crowded. I have never attended a book launch with so many people. We can safely say that Echo publishing was right to think that a survival guide to dating in midlife would be warmly received.

The effervescent Benjamin Law lead the conversation. He refers to Kerri as a war correspondent and anthropologist who delves deep into dating, throwing her body on the line to meticulously document the ins and outs of dating. Not all heroes wear capes.

After some deep probing from BLaw Kerri admits that feeling antsy is what lead her to dive into dating after divorce. She tried to join EHarmony but it asked her too many questions and she wasn’t ready for that kind of commitment to an ap … so she downloaded Tinder and was treated to a bunch of photos of men straddling motorcycles or sitting next to sleeping tigers. She swiped left a lot. But she eventually went on a date and Out There is the bounty from her swiping right.

My dear friend Sinead tells me that this is the best book ever and just so relatable. She is new to the dating world and said she laughed out loud and could see herself making the same mistakes. This is a book about negotiating online dating with your sanity and dignity whilst loving yourself. So, take my friend Sinead’s word for it and-

Grab it from host of this book launch, Better Read Than Dead, here.

Find it on Booktopia here.

Actually, find it pretty much ANYWHERE!

Emma Viskic: #Robinpedia



Emma Viskic is a critically acclaimed writer, and a concert clarinetist. Not only did her debut novel, Resurrection Bay published through Echo Publishing, win the Ned Kelly Award for Best Debut and 3 Davitt AwardsBest Adult Novel, Best Debut and Readers’ Choice, her shorts winning the Ned Kelly S. D. Harvey Award and the New England Thunderbolt Award, but she has also performed with the likes of Jose Carreras. Her latest novel And Fire Came Down is currently getting ready to win all the awards.

Despite being so sickeningly talented she is well regarded by fellow authors and is an advocate of mentoring and supporting other writers. Emma Viskic used the mentoring services of Janette Currie, through the WoMentoring Project started by Kerry Hudson, for the final draft of Resurrection Bay. She has described the experience as eye opening.

Emma’s sheer array of skills have led to much speculation about her birth and whether or not she is indeed human. The most popular theory being that she was born on a pirate ship with a tail like a Xenomorph. This is possibly simply confusion over the fact that she was born with a tale about *alien pirates* to tell.

Rumours of her hatred of mangoes, however, are quite true. Not only does she not like mangoes but she refuses to use any words the rhyme with mango. Do not ask her to tango, I repeat, DO NOT ASK HER TO TANGO.

You can find Emma Viskic’s website here.

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