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ABC Book Club, the Drinking Game: #bookclubABC 


If there’s one thing that readers love it’s pyjamas… but if there’s two, it’s drinking. So what better way to honour The Book Club ABC than with the time honoured tradition of a drinking game.


  • When terms such as trends, hot, and popular are used.
  • When they use a dramatic recreation.
  • When Jason tries to give an intellectual reason for liking a sexy book.
  • When the terms frothy, fizzy, fresh, fountain, or frog are used.
  • When Marieke gets angry at Jennifer.
  • When Jason wears exciting socks.
  • When you feel a little parched.


  • When Marieke makes reference to a dog.
  • When Jennifer makes reference to a horse.
  • When Jason implies another panelist doesn’t understand a text.
  • When they discuss a book that you have read.
  • When Jennifer mispronounces a name or title.
  • When a title that has been discussed in a previous episode is brought up.
  • When you passionately disagree with something a panelist says.


  • When they mention a book your friend wrote.
  • When all panelists hate a book.
  • When a panelist walks off the set.
  • When a guest panelist loses it and starts raving.
  • When Jennifer and Marieke team up against Jason.
  • When Jason finds a book too sexy.
  • When Jennifer pulls a quiz on Marieke, it’s a solidarity chug because Marieke hates those quizes.

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#bookclubABC Drinking Game, 7 June 2015 – Kids, Don’t Try This At Home!


@thebookclubABC just got real, yo. With guests like @Alancumming and @HelenJMacdonald exploring Mario Vargas Llosa’s jauntily burlesque, The Discreet Hero, and Enid ‘I like lashings of (ginger) beer’ Blyton’s Five on Treasure Island, you know that you’re in for a rollicking good time, so let’s liven things up with a retro fabulous idea‚Ķ the time honoured drinking game. Enjoy… responsibly and only if you’re 18+ (21+ in some countries).




Sip when:

  • the words froth, frothy, frothing, or frothiness are said.
  • the words sex, sexy, sexing, or sexiness are said.
  • the word translation, translate, translating or translator are said.


Drink when:

  • Kim Kardashian’s book is mentioned.
  • you discover a new skill that Alan Cumming’s has.
  • someone talks over the top of Helen MacDonald.


Chug when:


Finish the bottle when:

  • the episode turns into a children’s adventure show.
  • you start thinking of Star Trek.
  • nobody else is watching.