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I paid for and awful hair cut with terrible styling and it matters.


This morning I was so excited because I finally got a me day. I was going to go get a hair cut and feel fabulous. Last time I did this was my birthday, the time before mothers day. I was really looking forward to it. You see, with a four year old and almost two year old twins I rarely get time to myself. Add to that my husband works really long hours, plus once a week has a regular activity of his own and on top of that many an unkind person likes to tell me how I need to give him more time and how I need to do more for him despite the fact he has a minimum of the one activity a week to himself and I, if I’m really lucky, get to go to the gym for an hour and a half a week, but often it gets thrown aside because of something of his, I don’t get much time and I often get the reverse of support. And after spending time away with my husband’s family I was even more excited to get time to myself. To do something nice for myself, to not be judged or exhausted, or pressed upon. I was super excited to get a few hours for me and to get a hair cut and colour…

… but the hair cut was shit, the hair dye was left on my head  (extensive parts of my head) and my instructions were ignored. Dark brown please, just a trim please, please don’t blow dry my hair because I really like my curls these days and would like to have my naturally curly hair please.

I got chestnut brown hair, much shorter hair, and they straightened it. Not a good straightening job either. A messy, boxy, hideous, job.

People say, oh it’ll grow out, oh you xan wash it and the curls will be back BUT I SHOULDN’T FUCKING HAVE TO! I managed to finally get some time to myself after some incredible stressful moments, I pretty much had to escape in the spot to make it happen before yet another excuse was given as to why I didn’t deserve a break and why I shouldn’t need one and why my husband should get even more yet again. I managed to get a moment away from being eroded, I just wanted to feel good, but instead I have left feeling even worse. Because I don’t have much money. I have zero income, my husband doesn’t share a bank account with me, so managing to get $110 squirreled away for a haircut was a big deal. A really big fucking deal. And because of this insane bias that straight hair is somehow superior to curly I’m expected to be happy with a truly awful straightening job because it supposedly better than my naturally curly hair. I’m supposed to smile and pay $110 to have my very rare and very precious me time violated. I’m supposed to say it’s no big deal. I’m supposed to not over react.


And anybody else in my situation will understand that. And to those people I say, “I’m so sorry, you’re worth so much more, and you deserve so much more.”


The offending styling