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4 Things You Must Never Do in Blogging


Today my humble blog turns 4, so I felt I’d celebrate by sharing with you the secrets I have learned through hosting this highly* successful blog.

1. Don’t vary your content too much.


If you’re a spec fic writer stick to writing about spec fic and the writing process. Whatever you do don’t share short stories, then start doing horoscopes, then start covering writers festivals, then bitch about your codeine allergy, then start blogging about your journey through PND, then start doing TV recaps, then start doing stuff about your love of Australian writers… particularly if that stuff frequently involves references to wine and sticks rather than writers. That kind of jumping about would just confuse your audience. You have to remember that blog readers are vapid creatures that can only focus on one thing at a time. Count them, O N E. So make sure you just do the same shit every single day.

2. Don’t swear.


You’ll look like a fucking idiot. Only people with a limited imagination swear. Don’t believe me, then fucking google it. Plenty of studies have been done into messy people who swear a lot and their intelligence. Pretty sure they all conclusively say that anal, sterile people, who never feel, and never show emotion are waaaayyyy more totes mega smart than foul mouthed fuckers.

3. Don’t get political.


Sure, you saw this meme and thought it was the funniest thing ever. Don’t share it. Not even if you can find some tenuous link as to why you’d share it. Just don’t. Sure, you find the idea of men talking about women as if they’re a piece of meet deplorable, but somehow that doesn’t come across in ANYTHING you’ve published and you’ve got a shit load of supporters who love to grab that pussy. I’d suspect that the vast majority of the followers of this blog, written by a woman and a feminist, are lolling all day long about crazee ladeez and them wanting bodily autonomy. Because somehow my incredibly subtle profemale stance has passed them by. So if I posted that meme I’d lose 90% of my followers, so I sure won’t do something like that.

4. Don’t ever put out anything with grammos, typos, spellos, or any kind of os.


If you , like I do, make mistakes, people will quite rightly assume that you’re a pathetic waste of space and that you don’t deserve to communicate in writing with anyone, ever. Fuck all of us dyslexics. Fuck us in the left temporal lobe. If we want to be taken seriously we should hire a professional editor for every single blog entry. Not just published books, everything. Every tweet, every comment, even emojis. Because every rude, snob, who doesn’t have any sort of visual or translation issue is a better person than us, and what they have to communicate is more important and insightful than any of us have to communicate. It’s just simple science. Heck, it’s probably a “vaccine injury.” We did this shit to ourselves. I strongly recommend that we just don’t even blog at all because we’re such turds on the face of written communication. We should all just go into the woods and eat worms.

5. Don’t break promises to your audience.


If you said you’d give them 4 secrets to effective blogging then you better deliver. It’s literally the lowest form of humour to do one more or less. Failing your audience not only makes you a failure as a human being, but also untrustworthy. If you’ve lied about unlocking the secrets to successful blogging then what else are you hiding? Mascara, pushup bras, your own private chocolate stash that you share with no one?

6. Most of all, don’t listen to blowhards like me on the Interwebs.


Be yourself, do things your way. Let your audience appreciate you for who you are. After all, you want your audience, not a bunch of bots.

* The word I’m looking for was probably un.

Mrs Woog: #Robinpedia



Mrs Woog, AKA Kayte Murphy, is an Australian blogger, author, and lover of slippers. On the side she finds the time to make world famous cheese toasties, and create a variety of cocktails involving gin. She does not like pina coladas or getting caught in the rain… unless gin is substitute into the pina colada, and the rain consists of gin.

Mrs Woog released her first novel in 2016, Primary School Confidential through Allen and Unwin. Having been a former primary school teacher, having two children, as well as attending one herself in the past, gives Mrs Woog a unique insight into the rich tapestry, often flecked with tomato sauce and glitter, that is primary school. She brought her usual brand of irreverent humour that she displays in her popular blog, Woogs World, to the book and it was well received by readers.

In 2016 Mrs Woog received the news that “mummy bloggers” were dead. She took the news of her demise in her stride and continued to blog, even trying her hand at creating the tomato sauce diet. It did not catch on, however, Mrs Woog has continued to grow in popularity despite her “death” and that of her fellow “mummy bloggers.”

Recently a crack of knuckles was heard ringing across Sydney so we can only assume that she has begun working on her second novel.


Find Woogs World here.

Find Mrs Woog on Facebook here.

Find Mrs Woog on Twitter here.

If you have any information that you feel would enhance this Robinpedia entry please leave it in the comment section.

Learn more about Robinpedia here.

You Don’t Have to be a Millionaire to Support Authors


Not long ago I blogged about how Walter Mason inspired the spirit of fandom in me. For those of you not familiar with Walter Mason, he’s probably the most charismatic person in the Australian book industry. And let’s be honest, there’s lots of competition, so this means he’s pretty spectacular. Today I’d like to speak about the spirit of fandom a little bit more and how that actually helps authors.

We always hear “buy books, if you truly want to support authors than just buy their damn BOOK! For god’s sake open that wallet, they need to pay rent!!!” Which is fair enough, buying books directly funds authors. It’s even better if you do it through your local bookshop, but  we don’t all have the money to buy books everyday. Fortunately, for those of us that want to love more than our budget allows, that doesn’t mean you can’t support an author every single day if you should want too. There are lots of ways you can help out authors you love that don’t cost an arm and a leg. 
When people love a movie they sometimes pay to see it many times but many simply can’t afford that but they still help out by providing much needed enthusiasm through raving to friends, tweeting, making fan art, blogging and generally being fanatical. We can do the same thing for books. Let’s bring the spirit of fandom to the book industry.


Read and interact with an author’s blog. Most authors have a blog. Commenting on their blog and letting them know that you like what they’re on about helps provide a moral boost and let’s them know what their readers do and don’t like. Writing can be very solitary and knowing there are people out there loving your work helps. If you are a blogger write your own blog entry about how a book or author has inspired or moved you. Shout out your appreciation loud and clear, let your enthusiasm become contagious. Write a review.

Rave to your friends about your favourite authors. I’m far more likely to read a book recommended by a friend than by looking at an advert. They’re my friends so I respect their opinion. I started reading Kate Forsyth books after a friend loaned me a copy of Dragon Claw. I have now gone on to buy myself, and friends, over 30 copies of her books. One loan resulted in mutiple purchases. And the books of hers that I have gifted to friends have resulted in even more readers. So never feel like you’re cheating an author by loaning their book out, you could be getting them a loyal reader.

Connect with authors on twitter. Who doesn’t love a compliment? Who doesn’t work better with a little enthusiasm to warm their soul. Knowing that your writing has touched someone has power. Last night I received a tweet from Michael Williams, a person that I respect and admire very much, and it meant just as much to me as a book sale. No it doesn’t pay the rent but it does help keep the depression at bay and depression is a mind killer so it’s just as vital.


Follow authors and interact with them on any of their social media platforms. Most authors aren’t guaranteed their next book will be published. If they have a strong fan base they seem like a safer bet to publishers. If publishers can already see that people love their work and connect with what they write then that’s a big vote of confidence. Show your confidence in your favourite authors by doing so publicly if you dare.

How about some fan art. Show what those words look like in your mind. Show just how much books have touched you by inspiring you to create your own art. Not an artist? Me neither. I like to create memes instead. I spend far too much time on imgflip. But I just love putting beautiful words on beautiful pictures and sharing my love. Feel free to give it a go. It’s easy and fun.


Attend author workshops. Many authors earn most of their income through teaching. So attend their events if you have the means.

And of course, yes, buy their books when you can. (Note: there are a few authors who only appreciate this method of support so will probably feel bombarded by the above suggestions, so don’t do those to them, but most appreciate some enthusiasm.)

You certainly don’t have to support an author every day, but you can if you want too without going into poverty. What are some of the different ways that you like to show support?


Edit: I’ve started using #auslitlove on my tweets that are about loving Australian authors so that I can keep track of who I’m loving and make sure I spread the love around far and wide.

I am a Rude Bitch!


I am so sorry. I do not know what has happened to my brain but I have realized that I had completely forgotten to post replies to most of the comments made on my blog. I am so sorry. Can I blame it on having a three year old and one year old twins without coming across as a sucky, blamey, mum? Because if I can, it’s totally they’re fault. 🙂 So again, I am so sorry.


These guys, it’s all their fault… so worth it!

Liebster Award


A while back the wonderful Jennifer Zeiger from http://jenniferzeiger.com/ (go check out her blog – DO IT! Shakes fist) was lovely enough to nominate me for a Liebster Award. Hooray. A Liebster Award is basically a lovely nod that a fellow blogger gives you to say, “hey, I like your style.” And I say thank you that is just delightful. The award essentially means that I’m a small blog (depending on which version of events you read the number varies) of less than 200 followers and that Jennifer Zeiger recommends you check me out. In turn I nominate people (11) for the same award, reveal some facts about myself (11), answer (11) questions set by Jennifer Zeiger, and then make up some questions (11) to ask those that I have nominated. Essentially I will do that but a little differently, I’ll do all the questiony, facty, answer stuff, and I’ll list some blogs that I like. The thing is, some will be small, some will be bigger, it is just a list and I don’t want anyone to feel compelled that they must follow along. I would hate for this honour to be viewed as chainmail. So I’ll set 11 questions for those that I “nominate” but they are under no instructions or demand to answer them, or even acknowledge them in any way shape or form. I just thought that this was a nice way to share some blogs I like and also say a great big thank you to Jennifer.

Blogs I Like:

11 Facts About Me (AKA Robin Elizabeth):
I am dyslexic
I actually wrote 4 novels in primary school not 2 but because 1 was Babysitter Club fan fic and another Sweet Valley High fan fic, I generally only ever admit to 2. They were the most epic of epic fantasies.
I quite enjoy being a teacher, the students make me laugh pretty much harder than anyone else.
I find most fart jokes funny
I love potatoes. Greatest food ever, you can chipperfy them, bake them, roast them, smother them with a variety of toppings, and so much more. Potatoes are highly under rated.
I grew up in the country but much prefer city living.
I want to have another baby.
I still giggle every time I read about Dick and Fanny in any Enid Blyton book. I am that purile.
I like children’s books as much as adult books.
I am utterly addicted to tea.
If I skip a meal I get overly emotional, cry on the bathroom floor emotional.

Questions Jennifer set me:
1. What inspired your blog?
Truthfully, I did a writing workshop with the amazing Jan Cornall and she suggested I started one and become more social media savvy. She recommended that I take a look at what Walter Mason (Destination Saigon) was doing, so I did and here I am.
2. What are two passions in your life?
Writing and my daughter. What can I say, she is my sunshine.
3. What genre do you prefer to read?
Speculative fiction. I’m an English major and so should probably say literary fiction, but although I do love it I really do prefer spec fic.
4. Who is your favorite author?
Oh great, ask an impossible question!!! Sigh. What to say, how to answer? I guess Alan Dean Foster and Rpald Dahl has had the greatest impact on my own writing, but I do love to read Julian Barnes, but then Kate Forsyth is an excellent teacher, but then again Ian Irvine is so epic, and then there is of course Feist who all fantasy readers must refer to along with Mary Shelley and Tolkien. I can’t answer. I just can’t. There are too many options. I’m sorry. I fail this one.
5. If it’s a rainy saturday, what do you do?
Cuddle my baby girl (I guess my husband too), drink copious amounts of tea, and write.
6. If you could meet anyone, who would it be?
The perfect publisher or literary agent who just gets me and wants to work with me and loves my work. Wherever you are, I will find you.

7. To steal one from Joe’s book, if aliens were taking over the world and you could grab one thing, what would it be?
My daughter. My husband can grab himself!
8. Where’s your favorite place in the world?
New South Wales Writers’ Centre’s garden
9. Who is your greatest supporter?
Sigh, my husband.
10. If you won the lottery, what would you do first with it?
Travel Europe
11. What are you currently reading?
“Daughter of the Forest” by Juliet Mariller. If you haven’t read it, I recommend you do. Haven’t even finished it yet and am loving it! (Expect a book review from me on this one)

So now for my 11 questions for anyone who wants to play:
What are you wearing?
Why are you wearing it?
What is your favourite thing to cook?
What is your favourite thing to eat?
What is your favourite word/catchphrase/quote?
If you could meet any fictional character which one would it be?
What would you ask them?
If Hollywood were to make a movie of your life who would they get to play you?
What book would you recommend everyone reads?
What do you care about most in this world?
What do you fear most in this world?