Hi, I’m Robin. I’m an Australian writer, ranter, reviewer, dyslexic, twitter addict, and definitely a mad mumma. I do enjoy getting caught in the rain, but not as much as I like piña coladas and any number of 80s classic cocktails. My friends have likened me to the comedian Judith Lucy, but no reputable source has confirmed the similarity. happy for it to be confirmed.

I am probably best known for my obsession with the Book Club ABC starring the radiant Jennifer Byrne, my blog entries about postnatal depression and my support of the Australian publishing industry. I hope that I am known as a good literary citizen and have started Robinpedia, which humorously catalogues the ins and outs of the Australian writing industry.

Sunny Sydney is where I reside with my three children and a husband; not that I’m entirely sure he exists because I only sight him but rarely. The children have been declared adorable by multiple sources.

This blog contains Robinpedia entries, recaps of the Book Club ABC, book reviews and links to reviews I have done for Newtown Review of Books, short stories, excerpts from novels, rants, and my journey through postnatal depression. It is unedited, unnecessary and unhinged. Enjoy.

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If you wish to get in contact with me please send me an email robin.elizabee@gmail.com

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  2. Yes you have an awesome sense of humour. Yes your students would think you’re funny. My students are surprised when I’m funny (unintentionally). I’m not sure what type or sense of humour I have; some call it dry, others say non-existent. My cherubs I teach are only sprogs of age 9 compared to your big kids. Sometimes they laugh and sometimes they just look at me, but we have a mutual respect. Every child deserves to be respected. Thank you for sharing. M

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