2 Ways You Can Win My Fully Full-On Awesome Book; “Confessions of a Mad Mooer”


Do you like free stuff? ME TOO! This must be true love. We have so much in common. In which case you’re going to doubly love this announcement. I am giving away not one, but two print copies of my memoir, Confessions of a Mad Mooer; Postnatal Depression Sucks, which will be released in December. Hooray. You can win a copy either through Facebook or Twitter.


On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/confessionsofamadmooer/photos/a.289580744550640.1073741830.289544227887625/669519129890131/?type=3&theater


For your chance to win your very own copy of Confessions of a Mad Mooer: Postnatal Depression Sucks simply share and like the pinned post, and then write “MOO” in the comment section.  The winner will be drawn 15th of December at 4pm (AEDT). Good luck!

Entry are only available to Australian residents. And remember to share publicly so that I can see that you’ve done it. Competition runs from 19/11/2016 – 15/12/2016


On Twitter: https://twitter.com/RobinElizabee/status/799815859199819776


For your chance to win your very own copy of Confessions of a Mad Mooer: Postnatal Depression Sucks simply tweet your own confession about life with a new baby and mark it #CoaMM.  You can enter as many times as you like. The winner will be drawn 8th of December at 4pm (AEDT). Good luck!

Entry only available to Australian residents. Competition runs from 19/11/2016 – 07/12/2016. I will happily report any trolls to the police who choose to “confess” illegal activities. And people cannot profit from their crimes so… NO BOOK FORF YOU!


I’m confident that you’ll love it, but don’t just take my word for it, read the blurb and the words of praise.


What happens when a mother says she isn’t okay, and nobody’s listening? That’s the situation Robin faced after the birth of her identical twin boys. She already had a needy toddler and a husband who worked long hours, but no matter where she turned, her desperate cries for help went unanswered. It wasn’t until her newborn twins ended up in hospital with bronchiolitis that the medical staff realised it was Robin who needed the most care.

The hospital diagnosed her with postnatal depression, and sent her and the boys to a psychiatric hospital. Inside the Mothers and Baby unit Robin finally found her confidence, not only as a parent, but also as a writer and a worthy person in her own right. Her periods returned, too, but she didn’t consider that as much of a blessing. “Confessions of a Mad Mooer” is her story, told with warmth, humour, and unflinching honesty.


Words of Praise for “Confessions of a Mad Mooer:”


“Ugh, do I have to read it? Do I make you read my work stuff?” – My husband (Still hasn’t read it.)


“That’s nice that you wrote a book. Have you seen the new app I downloaded for choir?” – My mother (It really wasn’t that impressive.)


“Fanwah. I love that word. I’m going to use it all the time. Did you make it up?” – My friend Helen. (No. Robin does not sit about in her pj’s all day making up words for her vagingo. Her friend Tash made it up.)



So, win my book and you might just beat my husband to reading it… maybe post a review about how great it is and then send it to him.



About Robin

I am a neurodiverse writer from sunny Sydney Australia. My debut paperback, Confessions of a Mad Mooer: Postnatal Depression Sucks, was released in December 2016. Henrietta Dodgson's Asylum for Damaged Women is due out end of 2017. Will work for money.

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