Constance Hall: #Robinpedia



Constance Hall is an Australian social media personality, blogger, writer, musician, supporter of Rafiki Mwema, and Queen. Her writing style is known for being direct and getting to the heart of the matter.

Constance Hall’s debut novel, Like a Queen, came out in 2016. It is about motherhood, being a woman, losing it, friends, and family. Readers have responded well to Like a Queen because unlike other books of this nature, it doesn’t make them want to strive to be different and “better,” but makes them feel happy with who they are. Constance’s message is all about self acceptance and loving yourself without the need for a polish.


In March of 2016 Constance shared a post about a Kenyan-based charity, which runs therapeutic homes for sexually abused children, called Rafiki Mwema. Constance Hall’s followers, known as Queens 👸, were hugely interested. Constance set up a crowdfunding campaign. The target was $75,000, and it was reached in three hours. $200,000 was raised in just two days. On top of this, Constance donated $20,000 from the presales of her book Like a Queen.

Constance Hall’s popularity exploded on the 5th of January in 2016 after a Facebook post about having “parent sex.” It wasn’t sexy or lewd, it was rushed and done. In short, it was real. It struck a chord with the world, including celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher. Proving that we’ve all been there, even Ashton. Her fan base has continued to grow steadily as more raw and real Facebook posts come out.


Find Constance Hall’s website here.

Find Constance Hall on Facebook here.

Sponsor Rafiki Mwema here.

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Side note: I wrote this Robinpedia entry after my daughter was up until 1:30am, briefly woke at 3am to demand hugs, then her and one of the twins decided that 5:30am was up time and they were having a dance party no matter what. I can’t stop the music, nobody can stop the music. I couldn’t think of a more appropriate writer to get a Robinpedia entry under these circumstances. Because I know Queen Constance would fucking understand.



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