If Loving Georgia Love is Wrong then I Don’t Want to be Right #BacheloretteAU



Okay, I admit it, I love Georgia Love. I must confess I didn’t watch a full episode of Richie’s Bachelor Pad this year. I found it all a bit stomach churning and him wooden and formulaic. And I wasn’t in love with the Bachelorette last year. It all semmed a bit like a bunch of meat-heads thugging about… but I’ve watched one whole episode of Georgia Love’s Bachelorette and I love it! Let me count the ways.


It has been suggested I have too much time on my hands to create this... my phone has a collage function. Pffft.

1. Georgia reminds me of Jane Hall and I quite like Jane Hall. She always comes across as bubbly and humorous in interviews and on radio. I didn’t even watch All Together Now or Neighbours but I still love Jane Hall.


2. Georgia is willing to protect wine over her dignity. Now if that doesn’t make her best friend material than I don’t know what does. In the first episode, rather than swanning down the stairs like some sort of graceful ballerina crossed with a supermodel, she fell down the stairs. Not only did she fall down stairs, making her even more relatable, but she clung on to her wine glass for dear life. Now that girl has got her priorities. Dignity be damned, but I shall not spill a drop of my precious.


3. Georgia fell over. Yes I’ve already mentioned it but how often do you get to see the leading lady stack it, except in Chick Lit. I offer you a Bridget Jones salute of awesomely awkward.


4. Georgia loves lame jokes. Any bad pun that came her way she was willing and able to top. Respect.


5. The guys seem nice. There were two straight up players, but even they weren’t that bad. Entitled, self obsessed,  but they didn’t come across as violent thugs. And seriously, the “villain” who went home in the first episode had enough class that he didn’t ask for his gift back. He didn’t assume that because he bought her something that he got to buy her. So when you’re “bad” guy has more integrity than the comment section on the Internet, then you’re doing better than a lot of Reality TV. And given they interview the Bachelorette in order to determine her “type” I think how much nicer the guys seem to be, in comparison to other shows, is a testament to how nice Georgia Love must be. I’m calling it, best friend material.

So there it is. I think I’ll be watching full episodes and the whole season. I reckon Georgia Love and The Wrong Girl will be the perfect pairing. Won’t you join me by watching and tweeting along? I’m on twitter as @RobinElizabee



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      • I think Sailor might be the quietly sweet type. His chances will depend on an early single date (unlikely) or winning some alone time on a group date (more likely).

        I’m enjoying the bromance between Rhys and Aaron.

        I don’t rate Jake – I reckon he’s the kind of guy that still takes his washing home.

        And no, I’m not overthinking this… 😉

      • I’m not liking Sam and the whole take sides. It’s one guy picking on another guy, taking the “side” of someone picking on someone else is gross. There isn’t sides, just Sam and his own neurosis… I’m not over thinking either.

      • Agree. I was watching with my kids (champagne parenting…) and used it as a teaching moment – “If the only way you can build yourself up is by pulling someone else down, you’re going to have a miserable life,”

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