Robinpedia: #Robinpedia


What is Robinpedia?
Robinpedia is a collection of blog entries about Australian authors who as yet do not have Wikipedia entries, have sadly lacking Wikipedia entries, or are friends of the Australian book industry.

Why not just add them to Wikipedia?
Unfortunately I am not skilled in the ways of Wikiepedia to create new entries or insert proper referencing. I certainly do plan to learn that and get the information onto Wikipedia eventually. I do most of my blogging and internet related activities on my phone so sometimes things that are easy on a PC are slightly beyond me. I will get there eventually, just enjoy Robinpedia in the meantime.

How often can we expect updates?Well, now that the passion of my life The Book Club ABC hosted by Jennifer Byrne is over for the year I am hoping to make this my regular weekly update.

How accurate is the information in Robinpedia?
Hopefully very. I go off what I can see on author websites, interviews they’ve done, public appearances, and their social media accounts.

Why isn’t my buddy the totes mega good author on Robinpedia?
Probably because I haven’t gotten to them yet. Please leave a comment giving me their name and I’ll look them up if I don’t already have them on my list of people to add. I include traditionally and self-published authors. As far as I’m concerned the Australian book industry is far too small for us to turn on each other. I also do entries on book advocates who actively promote and talk about their love of Australian stories and authors. If you want to make sure I don’t miss someone either leave a comment or email me on

Is there a hashtag?
Yeah, I’ll try to use #Robinpedia when I put up entries on twitter. You’ll mainly find me lurking on twitter but I am on FB as well. Feel free to spread the love of Australian literature by following my twitter account and retweeting anything with my hashtags #robinpedia or #auslitlove. I use them for most of my loving of Austrlian literature type tweets.

My friend is on Wikipedia but Robinpedia is just so totes awesome that they want to be on Robinpedia too, is this perchance possible?
Of course. Just get “your friend” to let me know and I’ll add them.


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