I Should Be BFFs With Virginia Gay Right Now



The title says it all really, I should be off being BFFs with Virginia Gay right now instead of contemplating what spread to use on my toast. The answer is peanut butter. I’m not happy about it. I got cashew butter once and my transition back to peanut butter after the dizzying heights of cashew butter is proving harder than I imagined. I’m pretty sure this is a metaphor for the whole Virginia situation. 

Anyway, getting back to my original point, I should be being best friends with Virginia Gay right now. As those of you who follow my blog know I’m a Book Club ABC fanatic. I even recap the episodes. A decision I made after one Virginia Gay made a throw away tweet saying that I should recap every week after reading my review of the first episode of the year. I figured, why not? I love the show and watch it, I love writing, so it is only natural to get those two things together. It has been fun.

Virginia Gay was not only on the first episode of this season but also the last. An episode I couldn’t get to the live recording of because I was parenting these three magnificent creatures-


Imagine my surprise when I read this tweet-


Oh yes, you see it too, her divine personhood wanted to find me and fandivinity over me. That’s pretty freaking huge. And guess what! She wasn’t making it up. There was confirmation.


Yeah, that’s right. My twitter buddy the coconut with a can do attitude heard it too. And she was lovely enough to let me know. I even got an email from another audience member who was kind enough to track me down through having to wade through the wasteland that is twitter and then my blog-


Is this person the best person in the world or what? Went out of her way to find my email address, a person she only met once, to give me good news. We sat next to each other at the taping of the previous episode and she did all that just to pass on this news to make a stranger to her smile. There are good people in this world.

So there you have it. If my husband had agreed to leave work by 5:40pm I could have met Virginia Gay. And obviously after that we’d become BFFs because that’s just the way things work. But alas, it was not meant to be… sigh.

But I can still dream. Dream that I am the Gabrielle to her Xena.


The Eddie to her Patsy.


The Jessica Jones to her… Patsy.


The Liz to her Jenna.


The Dancing Baby to her Ally McBeal.


Okay, these pairings are starting to get out of hand. But I think you get the picture. Now excuse me whilst I go listen to some Tiffany songs.

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  1. You will have your moment in the sun of that I am certain! I just know that you will get your fangurl moment with Virginia and quite frankly if you don’t get on the Book Club as a guest to talk about books then I will give up all hope in living!

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