I Think I Met Nouha Taouk Today.



I think I met Nouha Taouk, writer of Whispers from a Lebanese Kitchen, today. I might be crazy but I swear I met her… okay, I am crazy but not the delusional kind. So weird to meet someone who wrote a cookbook that you own!

I’ve met authors of books I’ve read before but because I was at a workshop they were teaching, or I was attending a festival that they were speaking at, or had offered to be their slave (Kerri Sackville, that offer is still wide open), but I’d never seen one just sipping coffee out in the wild. The wild being at a shopping centre… I have three kids under Primary School age, that’s as wild as I get. She even noted that my two boys seemed quite cheeky, so I can testify that she is an excellent judge of character.


It was quite exhilarating so now I have to go have a lie down. What exciting things have you done today?

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