Star Wars The Force Awakens Review



If you loved Episodes IV – VI then you are going to love The Force Awakens.  So many nods to the classic films, a return of quality scripting, and quality production values that sell the story rather than detract from it in some gaudy display. I highly recommend this to any classic Star Wars fans…

… if you are a fan of Episode I – III your taste in movies is so vastly different from mine that I couldn’t possibly comprehend your mind at all. Maybe you’ll like it, maybe you won’t. I seriously have no clue. None.



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I have completed my first novel*... well third if you count the two magnificent pieces I wrote in primary school, and am really getting passionate about writing and learning about webdesign, blogging and publishing. *Since starting this blog I have in fact completed the sequel to said novel and am thinking of releasing it next year. But have also snuck in another two novels, one which I want to self publish next year, a memoir for all my fellow fifty shades of crae crae lady friends, and a flirty bit of feisty fun that will be epublished through Spice Ebooks in July 2015.

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