#ImACelebrityAU Ep. 1: 7 Things You Must Know



Okay, here’s the 7 things you need to know about I’m Desperate For Cash Because My Career Has Mercilessly Stalled – Australia:

1. No celebrities are in it.

2. One of the non celebrities hit themself in the head with an oar and then was traumatised for the rest of the show.

3. One of the “celebrities” has the Shane Warne Foundation as their charity, which is awkward because it’s been deregistered… because of corruption. So much corruption.

4. Shane Warne is apparently the massive celebrity everyone is meant to be excited about… yeah, that guy. The one who makes sleazy phone calls to women about drinking wine off their body, somehow managed to date Liz Hurley (here’s a tip, she actually is a celebrity, guess you missed it by one), and takes the medical advice of his mother over actual medical professionals… Apparently she loves diarrhea and speed. Must have been a fun childhood.

5. Paul Harrigan is on there. He’ll possibly be the only one not to annoy you because he won’t whinge nonstop nor will he call the women “chicks.”

6. Anthony Callea is in there. It is a galactic surprise because who would have thought his career had stalled that badly.

7. They have to pick up their own poop. You read it. Poop. Pick it up.

That’s it. I suspect that will be it for the whole series. Oar related PTSD, Warnie looking plastic, more questionning over exactly what has befallen Anthon Callea (is he being blackmailed), and poop.

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    • It got the recap it deserved… a recap from someone who didn’t watch the whole episode and has no clue who half the people are. However, I will say “The Kroll” show is hilarious. It has nothing to do with this, but maybe for episode 2 I can suggest all the shows people should watch instead?

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