Beauty Tips: that morning fresh look


I think it’s time I started sharing my extensive beauty secrets… and then maybe an awesome advice column where I tell others how to live their life because I’m doing such a bang up job with my own life. I’m 36 now, I’ve got three kids, surely that qualifies me to interfere with people’s lives, right?

Let’s start with that ever so fresh, just woke up look.

Step 1: bed hair.


Wake up, do nothing. You have bed hair. You lay in a bed all night, if that isn’t bed hair nothing is.

Step 2: Morning fresh, carefree eyebrows, face, eyes, lips, etc. I add etc because I know people in the know refer to all manner of places on the face that I would just call the face and I literally have no clue what most of these names mean.

Like the hair, wake up and do nothing. You’re there. You have them. See step 1.

Step 3: How to bring this look together.


Add a smile. Seriously, if you’re smiling people will think anything is deliberate. However, you might actually like to brush your teeth before going out though, depending on how comfortable you want people to be in close proximity to you.

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