Stop the atrocities not the boats #AylanKurdi


I really don’t have much more to say than that. Get in, help. Donate,petition. Looking at that beautiful, well dressed, much loved, little boy – lifeless and all alone is more than any civilised human being should be able to bare. How scared must you be to risk the life of your family to flee? Very. So scared that you risk possible death because you know if you remain there is certain torture and certain death. These people love their families, their toddlers, their babies, so much that this fleeing by rickety boat over rough seas is their safest chance. And how does Australia react to people in this exact same circumstance? We try to scare themby letting them know if they make it here that we will ensure they will likewise be tortured and abused in our processing centres. Reporting of abuse on Naru isn’t just not Mandatory but not allowed at all. How can we reconcile ourselves with this fact?

Stop the atrocities not the boats. Start with stopping our own disgusting treatment of asylum seekers and then move on to providing aid in those countries so that things aren’t so horrific that they must scoop up their little ones and flee. Being a more compassionate country won’t mean that ourown citizens will be  worse off because we will be a better country for it.

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