Happy Survivors Day

Happy Survivors Day

c6e612751bb8eb1bdc9413a1959b2edeI’d like to take this moment to recognize survivors of child abuse, and child neglect. Reading the constant barrage of friend’s FB updates thanking their mothers’ for being the world’s best must be like pouring salt in an open wound. Because you didn’t get to have that, and that makes you sad. You didn’t get a mum who protected you or could compromise to allow your needs to be met.

I’m here to tell you that you deserved that mum who was crazy about you. Who made you breakfast, who packed your lunch, who didn’t let anybody hurt you. You deserved a mum that believed you and believed in you. You deserved mum who didn’t nearly kill a sibling in front of your eyes by banging his head against a wall, you deserved a mother who didn’t punish you for vomiting, you deserved a mum who didn’t want to change the way you looked. You deserved better.

So please accept this cyber hug, OOO, it doesn’t make up for all those ones you missed as a kid but hopefully it helps and enough people share a hug with you to give you some peace.

So please, pass on this hug in recognition of survivors of neglect and abuse so that they get at least one hug and one unsalt wielding message on this day that is so painful for them.

You are special. You do deserve love.

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  1. This literally just put me in tears. Like, it’s a real thing. The sad part is, some of us can’t even speak about it, because despite what happened, not everyone knows. My mom did a lot for me when I was younger, the abuse started as I was older. To this day, I rarely see her. Our relationship is strangled. The hardest part is being a mom, and knowing that you’ll do right by your children, but always wishing you had had a mother daughter relationship that wasn’t the way it actually is. Even though I have a living breathing mother who does love me, I may forgive, but I won’t forget. She took away what should have been a good childhood and parental/child relationship.

  2. Many thanks for this post. Thanking on behalf of all those who have missed out, yet continue to provide their children with what they didn’t receive. Did anyone hear the Trish Doyle’s maiden speech yesterday – She is awesome!

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