Breastfeed discretely… #FreeTheNipple

Image purchased on fotolia, text added by me.

Image purchased on fotolia, text added by me.

Every time I come across an article or a person saying that they’re all for breastfeeding in public as long as it is done discreetly I cannot help but think, what the? They then follow up with stories of women deliberately flaunting themselves in front of people and being really in your face about breastfeeding and how it was ‘unlady like.’ Again, what the? When I pursue people for what that means they go a bit quiet and mutter about how they don’t want to have an argument and either change the topic or walk off.

Here’s why they go quiet, lean in closer, closer, much closer, I am about to let you in on a big secret here, I don’t want to blab it out for the world to hear, it is just between you and me. The reason they go quiet is because it is UTTER BULLSHIT! People are not going out breastfeeding like a bunch of wonton hussies. They are not vile strumpets out to both steal your man and shame you for bottle feeding. I have never seen someone rip off their top in the middle of the café, stand up and donk their bazoongas on random people’s heads, scream out, ‘behold my fabulous mammaries, they are both sacred life givers that make me better than non-breastfeeding mothers, but also are super sexy and I’m being heaps indiscreet and flaunting them at you in a most sexual way yet still claiming they are natural and not sexy,’ – then plonk down and begin feeding. And you know why I haven’t seen it? Because it hasn’t happened! Seriously get a grip people. A woman should be able to quickly pop her nipple out of the top of her dress in order to put it in a baby’s mouth to feed it. You probably won’t even see the nipple because it usually is just that quick. There is less nipple exposure than there is on a beach where women are sunbaking topless.

So next time you feel like telling someone to wear a wrap, or do it discreetly, perhaps you should think if you actually mean you want them to be discrete, totally separate and alone and away from you. And if you think that, you better ask yourself why. Ask yourself do we have this perception that boobs are okay in movies, on the beach, in magazines, on billboards but not okay for feeding.

Women who breastfeed do it discreetly already, stop trying to force them to do it discretely.

Image purchased from fotolia text added by me.

Image purchased from fotolia text added by me.

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