Vale Terry Pratchett #RIPTerryPratchett


Terry Pratchett will forever be one of my fondest memories. My brother and I both loved his books and it was a real joy to hear my brother’s laugh, echoing my own in the middle of the night, as he secretly read under the covers in the room just next-door to mine. It became standard practice that we would give each other Pratchett for our birthday presents and my most prized possessions is the signed copy of Mort that my brother had signed for me when Sir Terry Pratchett visited Wollongong. Vale Terry Pratchett, you were a big source of joy in a childhood that was oft times bleak.

Here are some memes I’ve made in his honor.

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About riedstrap

I have completed my first novel*... well third if you count the two magnificent pieces I wrote in primary school, and am really getting passionate about writing and learning about webdesign, blogging and publishing. *Since starting this blog I have in fact completed the sequel to said novel and am thinking of releasing it next year. But have also snuck in another two novels, one which I want to self publish next year, a memoir for all my fellow fifty shades of crae crae lady friends, and a flirty bit of feisty fun that will be epublished through Spice Ebooks in July 2015.

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  1. I think it is very sad for me to never have known about this wonderful man in his life, because he seems to be a very smart man. Now that his death has brought to life the genius thoughts which were once harbored in his mind, I will definitely have to read some of his books now.

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