Confessions of a Mad Mooer: What Would Robin Do?


I have been told that my last post, What Would Tara Do? leaves the question, What would Robin do… you know… when she wasn’t channeling people? So here goes:


What would Robin do?

1. She’d ensure her hair was extra orange after each emergency. Ones hair can never be too orange.

2. She’d get a hair cut if she was having issues.

3. She’d get peed on.

4. She’d go all Madwoman in the Attic.

5. She’d swear.

6. She’d make a joke about it.

7. She’d drink a crap load of tea.

8. She’d hide in her blanket fort for respite.

9. She’d keep on going. Nothing gets this bitch down for too long. Not only does what doesn’t kill me make me stronger but it also makes me more determined.

10. She’d then blog about it.

I almost feel like making this one of those chain mail award things to find out what Helen and Lisa would do. I can’t see the, “‘What would you do?’ Award” catching on. People celebrating who their hero is then pretending they’re a hero… Awkward.

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