Confessions of a Mad Mooer: Mamma Needs A Wine



If I’m totally honest, I still have bad days. A lot of bad days. People think once you get medication and you get a therapist (and to be honest, because that’s the nature of this post, I have the best therapist in the world) that you’re cured. You just “get over it.” Unfortunately “it” isn’t so easy to get over because “it” is your brain. I still flip out. Even today I locked myself in my room for an hour because two weeks of no sleep,  concern over an AWOL friend and a threenager tantrum of epic proportions was all too much. So did I take a few deep breaths, have a cup of tea and move on. No, I went to my room, climbed into my bed and hid in my blanket fort. However,  it was just an hour and not in my cupboard behind my clothes so that was progress. Yep, today was progress.

You’re welcome to join me at My group for ladies that are cray cray (any kind of lady crazy, not just PND, if you’re a little bit mad and you’re female you’ve found a home)

If you or someone you know has postnatal depression you can find good resources on the following sites:

  1. Gidget Foundation
  2. PANDA
  3. PIRI
  4. Black Dog Institute
  5. Lifeline 

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