Book Review by Miss 3: Alligator in an Anorak by Daron Parton



It says the alligator is in an anorak but he’s not. He’s in a rain coat. That’s cheeky. It’s cheeky to call it an anorak. It is yellow,  Mr Alligator is green. I love him. He’s so cute. He can be my baby. He looks funny because he has a hat on. Alligators don’t wear hats. I like C for Chloe the Crab best. Out of all my favourites,  the crab is my best friend. Crab, Chloe, Cookie, Cat. Mummy spell it. Spell things Mummy!  I want to spell all of these words right now. Look at the crab. I’m that same crab. Look! It’s me Mummy. I’m that crab. Spell crab… Can we get a pet alligator? I could put hats on him.


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