Book Review: Ninety9



Ok… I’m a little bit biased about this book because not only was I too a music obsessed teenager in the 90s, oh Nitocris how I loved you, but this memoir was launched on my birthday… so I’m pretty sure I was fated to like it. That being said I liked it and you should too! So shut up and read it. Well that would have worked on teenage me. I got a Hootie and the Goldfish single simply because I was crushing on the incredibly sexy Scottish HMV worker at Tuggerah… if you’re reading this, “How you doin?”

All that aside this is very cool memoir that people in their 30s will definitely love and I dare say other ages too. Read it and enjoy this nostalgic trip to when you were too cool to be conventionally cool and knew everything.

Read more about Vanessa Berry here:



About riedstrap

I have completed my first novel*... well third if you count the two magnificent pieces I wrote in primary school, and am really getting passionate about writing and learning about webdesign, blogging and publishing. *Since starting this blog I have in fact completed the sequel to said novel and am thinking of releasing it next year. But have also snuck in another two novels, one which I want to self publish next year, a memoir for all my fellow fifty shades of crae crae lady friends, and a flirty bit of feisty fun that will be epublished through Spice Ebooks in July 2015.

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