Book Review: Love Your Sister – Samuel and Connie Johnson



Two memoirs for the price of one plus you help raise awareness and give to cancer research, sounds like a good deal right?

In part it is the heartbreaking story of a mum in her 30s who has been given the news that she will die from cancer. More over this brave woman has had cancer twice before and beaten it. The first time she got cancer she was only a child of 11. And also happens to be the sister of an Australian celebrity.


On the other hand it is a travel memoir of Samuel Johnson as his sickness makes him a better person and he raises money for charity, all on a unicycle whilst overcoming depression.
I have heard some people criticise Samuel Johnson’s story as self indulgent and that this memoir should have told the brave tale of his sister Connie and that his perspective added very little. However,  we live in an age where celebrity is king. People rush out to buy Kyle Sandilands book simply because he is a celebrity. He hasn’t done anything spectacular for mankind but people want to know about him and so it gets published and sells like Kardashian Cakes. Through Samuel Johnson’s celebrity this important message gets shared. Yes people will complain that it could have been two memoirs one on overcoming depression and one on living with terminal cancer,  that both issues deserve the attention. But let’s be honest, there are other memoirs that do just that. So for now, enjoy this book about an inspirational mother who has a brother that road around Australia on a unicycle (who coincidentally is a celebrity) just for her, and love your sister.

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