The Blythe Harris/ Kathleen Hale Fiasco

The Blythe Harris/ Kathleen Hale Fiasco

I have taken to to express my views. As always they’re totes important and everyone should read them… because I don’t know either party, any back story,  and am not a professional reviewer or writer. This lack of qualifications or expertise as always makes my views of great value.







Couple of articles to give context:



About Robin

I am a neurodiverse writer from sunny Sydney Australia. My debut paperback, Confessions of a Mad Mooer: Postnatal Depression Sucks, was released in December 2016. Henrietta Dodgson's Asylum for Damaged Women is due out end of 2017. Will work for money.

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  1. Just pointing out some thing. I do not use my real name. I am not a professional review. This is a hobby. So the entire “credibility” thing is just silly.
    Second, for the last post? Blythe was honest, and it got her stalked. No one changed their review until she cropped up. No one is safe, and this is the only way to protest against her DISGUSTING behavior.

    So, that’s about it.

    • So you’re commenting here to tell me that you have no credibility so it’s silly to mention anything about reviewers credibility in regards to this case at all? So, that’s about it?

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