Wisdom Teeth Removal: Lament of One Allergic to Codeine


Losing the mind game with the whole left wisdom socket pain level. Don’t be allergic to codeine because if you are nobody will prescribe you pain medication because everything without codeine that is strong is apparently so mega awesome that you’ll become an addict instantly. So much so that with a three year old and eight month old twins you’ll evidently find the time to track it down on the black market to feed your addiction once tje appropriate amount prescribed is gone??? So don’t be allergic to codeine because otherwise it’s a big stuff you, stay in pain, thus increasing your acid levels making you more susceptible to yet another bout of Pancreatitis… in other words, screw all medical professionals who assume that everyone allergic to codeine either needs to “tough it out” or are drug addicts! I hope they all get codeine allergies! So to make it clear, medical professionals,  people allergic to codeine wanting pain medication are NOT drug addicts nor superhuman freaks able to withstand infected wisdom tooth socket after a botched removal which involved heaving about so much the dentist slipped and took a massive chunk out of my mouth. I am angry! I need to take care of three kids and have been in so much pain I can’t open my left eye properly for almost a week yet I can’t be given pain relief because codeine causes Pancreatitis in me. So fuck you! Yep, that’s right,  fuck you. Enjoy prescribing pain meds for celebs who can actually take codeine and keep on denying it to people you’ve butchered and have allergies to codeine so are actually the proper people to get it.

Bah! BAH!

Sipping on camomile tea like it’s going out of style!

If anybody knows of any natural pain relief products please tell me. I’m on antibiotics and taking nurofen and panadol but for the left wisdom socket that is now infected it isn’t relieving the pain at all. Need relief whilst the antibiotics kick in been taking them for three days now. Plus the wound on the left side hasn’t sealed so any tips on that I’m happy for too. Ugh… Waaaaaaa. 😦

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  1. I’m about 2 and a half weeks out from my removal and I can say that the pain med I DID take made me disgustingly nauseous at times, to the point of throwing up, even taken with food. So the grass isn’t always greener! Also I highly recommend ice packs, 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off. But yeah, don’t get me started on the complaints I had, and I didn’t have the infection you’re talking about. Not good. But feel better! It can’t last too much longer!

    • Saw my GP today rather than the dentist. I think for someone like me with a complicated medical history I should just book appointments with her the day after any procedures. Feeling much better now with appropriate medication for me. Hooray for my beautiful GP.

  2. Try gargling salt water. Stings like crazy, but it works. Also, olive leaf extract can be taken to fight infection. Sucking on either a black or green tea bag ( after running it under cold water) also reduces inflammation. Increased amounts of Vitamin C, as well as an incredible thing called colloidal silver. Pomegranate juice or fruit, blueberry juice both help with faster healing. You can also swish some olive oil around on your mouth and either suck on a whole clove or find clove oil to put on topically. I AM NOT A DR OR A DENTIST BUT I HAVE MULTIPLE ALLERGIES AND HAVE HAD MANY MANY TEETH PULLED/infections. Praying you heal quickly! Love, Gracie

  3. I’m neither allergic to codeine nor do I have infected wisdom tooth, but I’m also looking for other ways to manage pain because I don’t want to rely too much on the painkillers. I remember my dentist telling me not to suck or spit or rinse my mouth vigorously because it would cause dry socket. He did say I could use ice packs at 20-minute intervals, though. 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off. It is very useful in managing the pain as well as keeping the swelling to a minimum. He also told me to keep my head elevated so that the area won’t swell and throb with pain. I am now three days post-op, and I’m taking vitamin C supplements to speed up the healing process. I also drink ice-cold fruit juices, which also help numb my mouth.

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