Writers with Vagingos: #pitchbitch



As some people may have guessed I like to have a little bit of a rant and a write. And something else people might know about me is that I have a vagina. Yep, I’m a writer in possession of a fanwah. Some people consider having a vagingo as being genitalia impaired when it comes to writing but I assure you despite having vajayjayes women still have brains and hands so it’s all good. I’ve heard people say they don’t read stuff written by female writers because women only write soppy romance or about periods. Well I can say that is only as true as male writers only write about sport and scratching their arses.

I for one enjoy writing children’s fantasy and I can testify that “Chloe Prime: Alien Space Vet” (sample chapter here  https://riedstrap.wordpress.com/2013/01/30/chloe-prime-alien-space-vet/ ) has no soppy romance or periods. I guess I could “vag” it up a little and throw in some sex and menstruation but it just doesn’t seem necessary or appropriate.   But hey my vagina does make my girly brain think crazy things.

Speaking of crazy I am working on a creative nonfiction memoir… hmmmm creative nonfiction memoir,  that does sound crazy but as it was inspired by my time in the nut house ( https://riedstrap.wordpress.com/2014/05/01/confessions-of-a-mad-mooer-hi-im-a-mad-mooer/ https://riedstrap.wordpress.com/2014/05/05/confessions-of-a-mad-mooer-ive-just-had-an-oprah-moment-2/ https://riedstrap.wordpress.com/2014/05/07/confessions-of-a-mad-mooer-wabi-sabi-and-the-mona-lisas-smile/  https://riedstrap.wordpress.com/2014/05/13/confessions-of-a-mad-mooer-thats-what-she-said/ ) craziness is appropriate. That I could definitely throw in a few steamy love scenes, periods and of course an all girl pillow fight, into, that’d be the creative part. But as on my first date with my husband I asked him to pull my finger romance might not be my  strength…

But I digress, as a writer who is vaginally abled (or penial disabled) I came across #pitchbitch http://yeahpitchbitch.tumblr.com so is anybody else researching pitching today? Is anybody pitching today? What are the ins and outs of this initiative?  Tell me, tell me everything!!!

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