Book PreReading Review: The River Charm – by Belinda Murrell



I’ve just purchased

The River Charm

by Belinda Murrell and am very excited about the prospect of reading it. Why? Because I’m nosey. That’s right, because I’m nosey. “The River Charm” is based on the true-life events of the author’s ancestors. Now if you don’t know anything about the sterling lineage of this author this may not have grabbed your curiosity, so allow me to fill you in a little. Belinda Murrell, her sister Kate Forsyth (who everybody knows I have a writer crush on) and their brother Nick Humphrey are all published authors. Now for me that’s interesting enough. What kind of genetic lineage and environment could create three such geniuses in the one family. But wait there’s more. These three come from Australian writing royalty. Their great-great-great-great grandmother, Charlotte Atkinson wrote the first Australian children’s book in Australia. “The River Charm” is about the Atkinsons of Oldbury. Now if that isn’t enough, this book has ghosts of the past, murderous convicts, maurauding bushrangers, and a wicked stepfather. Well I for one am wet my pants excited… and not just because I’m pregnant with twins and a strong wind could make me wet my pants. This book promises to not only appease my writerly curiosity but also be a darn good story in itself.

I shall post my review when I’m done. I know, I know, I only actually comment on books I like. How can I guarantee I’ll like it enough to review it? Because it’s Belinda Murrell. Plus the first sentence has me hooked – “Millie wasn’t sure if she was asleep or awake, but there seemed to be a strangely shimmering girl standing at the end of her bed.”


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