Typos, Grammos and Spellos


Why so many typos? Aren’t you an English teacher? Aren’t you a writer? Well yes, I am an English Teacher and I am a wannabe writer, but I am not a robot. I bring you this blog, my stpries, my musings, the odd pretty pic, totally unedited and raw. It goes straight from my head, to my heart, to my hand, to you. I use this space almost like a diary. A place to get it all out. Good, bad, indifferent, I’m getting it out. Musings about my childhood, creative escapes, mythological musings, it’s all me venting my pancreas.

Before you even ask, But don’t you notice them? YES! I’m and English teacher and a wannabe writer, of course I do. But I am just exposing myself and allowing it all to hang out. Typos, spellos, grammos and all.

Don’t the spelling mistakes bother you? YES!!! Oh goodness yes. Drives me a little mad, but then I say to myself, no, you can’t fix it, you don’t have to be perfect at all times, this is your space to show the raw, untamed, authentic, unedited you. And so I stay my shaking hand, and wipe my sweaty brow and stop myself from interfering with the natural process.

But can I make a quick confession… Just a small one… come in… closer… closer… I don’t want everyone to hear this… closer… shhhhhhh… The spelling mistakes don’t bother me half as much as the fact that I seem to neglect commas and quotation marks all too often. I mean ridiculously too often! Of course at work I’d correct them, for something official or professional I’d correct them, but here, well I just run wild and the commas have run away. Come back little commas, I love you, I need you… we all need you.

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