National Novel Writing Month


Well I’ve just signed up for NaNoWriMo. Not quite sure what I’m doing. slightly confused and concerend at the moment as what to do. I know the basic storyline of what I want to do, I’ve got the idea but am not quite sure how to navigate the site and what to do. Should be fun. So who is going to join me on my quest?

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    • Gosh. That makes you the expert then. You’ll have to explain to me what to do. I get the writing bit. I just don’t quite understand. Is there a place on the site where I write it, or do I type it up and upload at the end of the month? So confused.

      • Sorry about the late reply. There’s a bunch of forums on the actual site. You can get all your answers there.

      • How is your story going? Nearly finished? I’m guessing next year will have to be my year… or, fingers crossed that my productive efforts are mor successful next year, and it will actually be the year after.

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